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"Ashley has a way of organizing complicated things, simplifying ideas for teachers so they can easily implement best practices into their day-to-day instruction. She connects with her audience in ways that motivates them to implement new strategies. Participants leave her sessions with new perspectives, encouraged to grow as an educator for the good of students."
Math Coordinator

Professional Development & Training

Professional development should empower educators. 

That’s why I offer professional development opportunities that create a culture of learning where educators are encouraged to collaborate and expand their expertise as a learning community. 

I specialize in researched-based professional learning that enhances teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom and promotes a growth mindset. 

Instructional Models

  • Workshop Model
  • Balanced Literacy
  • Small Group Instruction & Intervention
  • Inquiry Research Model
  • Project Based Learning
  • Investigative Models

Management & Culture

  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Restorative Practices
  • Student Leadership
  • Engagement Strategies

Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaching is customized to meet the needs of each coaching team, teacher team, or individual. 

Partnerships follow a customized professional development plan, differentiated with each learner in mind. By implementing strategic, intentional learning experiences, I support educators in meeting their specific goals.

All sessions are designed with the adult learner in mind, providing an authentic, engaging learning experience.

Priorities of Instructional Coaching:

  • Building Relationships
  • Time Management & Structure
  • Instructional Implementation
  • Reflection & Growth

Who Can Benefit from Instructional Coaching?

  • Instructional Leaders 
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff

Mentor Training Program

I believe that school communities should invest in teacher-leaders

My Mentor Training Program prepares teacher-leaders for their role as a mentor. Participants will engage in a learning experience that prepares them for building collaborative working relationships with mentees. 

I offer 3 approaches for schools to take advantage of this mentor program. 

Mentor Training ProgramIncludes customized training and resources 

Trainer of Trainers Includes 1-5 participant(s) training and resources

Partnership GuideWeek by week guidance for mentors, no training or additional resources

PLC Team Training

I believe that school communities should invest in teacher-teams

My PLC training supports teachers in building capacity within their team. I focus on strengthening the team as a whole, identifying individual strengths, and creating a student-centered focus. 

Core Values:

  • Focus on Student Success
  • Growth Mindset Leadership
  • Collaborative Culture of Improvement
  • Collective Inquiry of Best Practices
  • Goal-Oriented with a Plan of Action

All services can be provided in person or virtually, depending on the location of the client.