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A passionate educator who is dedicated to helping staff improve their skill set so that students can learn at the levels needed for their academic success.


Relationships are at the center of school’s culture. ACCESS establishes powerful relationships to help school communities thrive. Because People are change-makers, ACCESS empowers staff to have a voice and choice in their professional learning as they develop their educational craft.


ACCESS uses growth mindset coaching to engage educators in purposeful learning experiences. When educators feel confident in their craft, they are more successful in the classroom. ACCESS partners with educators to help them grow and strengthen their instructional practice. 


ACCESS believes that building capacity within school staff directly impacts student growth. When educators feel successful in the classroom, they increase their performance. Students are the benefactors of the teacher’s continual learning. Together the classroom community grows and succeeds. 

A phenomenal leader who supports educators to the fullest, sharing new and innovative strategies. Gifted at finding solutions to help differentiate in all content areas for the success of EVERY student.

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"An expert at coaching, modeling and evaluating data. Willing to work hard to close gaps and increase student success."

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"An expert who forms a collaborative partnership with each and every staff member. Her expertise and knowledge helps educators grow in their practice which then helps all students grow. "

Another Instructional Coach recently asked me, “What do you use for data?” See the thing is, a lot of coaches right now are spending more

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The 6:00 alarm goes off. You jump out of bed. Get the kids ready for school. Fix breakfast. Eat breakfast. Grab coffee. Grab school bag…. Go! All

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You often hear people talk about “this season of life.” Some seasons of life are harder than others; Some are enjoyable, and some are more difficult.

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The past year has been filled with masks, social distancing, and quarantines. Families were faced with homeschooling, remote learning or abnormal in-person learning experiences.

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We are soon coming up on Teacher Appreciation Week. The week where teachers should feel valued and loved. While the week will be filled with

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It’s that time of year where educators start counting down to the holidays. We’ve been working hard since August, and we’re ready for a break.

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